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Your website new AI customer support

Your new AI Customer Support to excel at your insights and speak in your voice.With clear understanding what in the distributed content on the website and internal knowledge shared to the system the best engaging answer is provided by engaging each user differently based on previous interactions,
Our Story

The product of join forces between marketing knowledge , technical advantage in Machine Learning and delivering realtime systems that serve e-commerce and publishing sites.

Our Vision

Novel approach and algorithms that bridge the gap between the  audience and the presenter. Our tools will open a realtime channel with the audience that will deliver quality of information to the audience.


AI technology with  Natural language understanding, sentiment analyst and capability of correlation between site data and the user needs . Constantly learning about user demands and improving by each interaction.

Who are we

Your website with AI assistant

AI Engage

Interaction with the users is tailor based  on user previous engagement with the website and the data present online and provided manually by website owners. Genius Insights continuously learn from each user interaction so over time it will adjust for better user satisfaction,

Analytics of frequently asked questions are also provided and interest of the users for specific topic.

Install and Enrich

After installation of the extension if you have wix chat. Genius Insight collects data from your website so it can engage the users, till this process is active your users will have default chat capabilities from WIX. 

From the app you can add more data to the knowledge of the support using  local documents or providing information to the AI support to better interact the users.

How it works

How AI Is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

Not only can AI personalize a customer experience on past behavior, but it can also predict behavior for new and existing users. With the help of data management platforms (DMP) collecting second and third-party data now, AI can collect information about your users across the internet and not just in a session on your site. This can help personalize to their needs automatically through journeys and profiles enabling you to target your potential leads and eliminating those unlikely to convert enabling you to concentrate on formulating and executing effective marketing strategies.

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