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Terms and Conditions.

By continuing to use our platform, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Billing & Refunds

Access to the product is billed through monthly plans.

Given the nature of our product, we do not provide any refunds, whether partial or full.


You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription whenever you wish. Upon cancellation, we will cease any further charges.


We reserve the right to modify our pricing, policies, features, and access limitations at any moment.


We might utilize your email address to communicate with you regarding your account, updates on our product, and additional promotional activities. You have the option to unsubscribe from these emails whenever you wish.


We maintain the right to modify or update the policy at any moment. By persisting in the usage of our platform, you consent to these terms and conditions.

Genius Insights may not be used on sites that offer adult content or are otherwise affiliated with illegal activity in their regions of operation.

Genius Insights can only answer questions who's answers are found on publicly accessible pages of your website unless the answer is found in the training document that you give us.

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